Aaron Sawyer paid me a visit this morning. Not like, out of the blue or anything.  I book guests ahead of time.  I just like phrasing it as if he just showed up and said “Let’s do a radio show!” and I said “Yeah!”  But really, Aaron Sawyer showed up at a prescribed time in the appropriate place for recording.

Aaron is the creator of Boondoggle, a bi-monthly show at The Heavy Anchor.  It’s a two person sketch comedy show where he and a guest collaborator write, stage, and perform in an hour of original sketch comedy. I did the show in December and it was an great experience.  Aaron has a fun sense of comedy and you should check his show out on February 21st.

We talked about Canadian football, how unfunny it is to describe a sketch, Rick James, the writing process, and a lot of other stuff.  Enjoy the show.

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Impolite Company – 02/3/2018 – Aaron Sawyer