Impolite Company - Chris Cyr, HostImpolite Company started as a live stand up comedy showcase at The Crack Fox in downtown St. Louis in 2015.  Since then, the show has served as an opportunity for audience members to get acquainted with the talented performers of the St. Louis comedy scene, in an intimate venue where the comics are encouraged to stretch their legs and be themselves.  Continuing that tradition, Impolite took to the airwaves on February 1, 2018 on WGNU 920 AM, as part of St. Louis Live.

Each morning, comedian Chris Cyr, usually with a guest, talks about comedy, St. Louis, pop culture, and whatever else happens to be on his mind. No topic is off limits, including those deemed rude to discuss in polite company.

Impolite Company is happy to be part of the St. Louis Live morning block on WGNU 920 AM from 6-7am Monday through Friday.  Listen to us live on the air, via the website, or via apps in the Google Play Store or via iTunes.  Then follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.




Impolite Company Episodes

Impolite Company: Episode Twelve – 2/16/2018 – Shannon Yarbrough

Today’s guest is Shannon Yarbrough.  Shannon’s a regular at the Funny Bone and Hey Guys! Comedy. Most importantly though, he’s the author of Dickenstein, a mash up of the life of Emily Dickenson and the story of Frankenstein. We’re not sure how we didn’t know that already.  Listen below or on iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Eleven – 2/15/2018 – Angela Smith

On today’s show, Angela Smith, host of All The Feels, a monthly storytelling show at The Improv Shop, tries to take over.  She might have succeeded.  Chris’s sleep habits are questioned. Listen below, or on Spotify &  iTunes.


Impolite Company: Episode Ten – 2/14/2018 – Will O’Donnell

A guest! Will O’Donnell joins Chris in the studio.  They talk about Will’s meteoric rise from first open mic to first showcase, family stuff, and book jokes.  It’s a fun conversation.  Chris also gives the origin of Ash Wednesday. Listen below, or on Spotify &  iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Nine – 2/13/2018 – Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras! Chris considers the effects of Ash Wednesday’s placement in this year’s calendar, and wonders why Mardi Gras isn’t a more solemn day.  Internet jukeboxes and the office microwave also make appearances.  Just a typical Tuesday.   Listen below, or on Spotify / iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Eight – 2/12/2018 – It’s Monday…

It’s Monday morning and cold outside of the South St. Louis studio where we record.  Chris recaps his weekend, discuss curtains, and tell you my favorite fast food hamburger. Listen below or on Spotify / iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Seven – 2/9/2018 – Chris Cyr

Chris finds himself alone with himself for an hour.  What man or woman among us can survive an hour alone with his or her own thoughts when coupled with the requirement to speak out loud to a faceless uunseen audience?  See if our hero survives this test.  Listen below or on Spotify  / iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Six – 2/8/2018 – Renee Calm

Chris’s guest is Chicago based comic, Reena Calm.  Reena features and headlines at clubs and shows across the country, and teaches stand up at Second City.  We discuss puns, mispronounced names, how far she drove for her show benefiting Planned Parenthood. Listen below, or on Spotify  / iTunes

Impolite Company: Episode Five – 2/7/2018 – Meredith Hopping

Chris is joined by one of St. Louis’s newest comics, Meredith Hopping.  Meredith is quickly progressing from her first set seven months ago, to being within grasp of her first hosting weekend.  It’s an interesting look at what a comic goes through in their first year. They discuss what it’s like to be in your first year of comedy in St. Louis, the weirdness of comedy competitions, and her fear of the rapture. Listen below or on Spotify / iTunes

Impolite Company: Episode Four – 2/6/2018 – Larry Greene

Larry Greene is a regular performer at The Laugh Lounge, The Funny Bone, and on independent shows around St. Louis. He’s one of the hardest working comics in town and we had a great discussion about his approach to comedy, school, comics with identity crises, and his upcoming shows. #DingDing.  Listen below or on Spotify / iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Three – 2/5/2018 – Aaron Sawyer

Aaron Sawyer has one of the best comedic minds in the city.  His show Boondoggle is a bi-monthly sketch comedy hour at The Heavy Anchor.  It’s funny, sometimes weird, and always leaves you wondering what could happen next.  We discover how boring it is to describe a sketch. We talk about writing, performing to empty rooms, love, loss, and mid-century economic theory. Listen below or on Spotify /  iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode Two – 2/2/2018 – Scott James

Scott James is a regular feature comic at The Funny Bone.  Not only is he a great joke writer, he’s a good person for starting comics to listen to.  He runs the weekly comics meeting at the Funny Bone open mic, and if you listen, you might eventually work the club. We discuss his first hosting weekend, giving advice to new comics, eavesdropping on our parents when we were kids, watching our language, and the science of foot sweat. #vinegarize.  Listen below or on  Spotify /  iTunes.

Impolite Company: Episode One – 2/1/2018 – Yale Hollander

The first episode features guest, and St. Louis Live’s most prolific texter-inner,  Yale Hollander.  Casual in nature and a good conversationalist all around, Yale’s the perfect first guest. Listen below, or on  iTunes / Spotify.