Beginning Thursday, February 1st, Impolite Company hits the radio waves and begins riding the coattails of the media behemoth that is We Are Live.  Every weekday from 6-7 a.m. on WGNU 920 AM and 106.9 FM, I’ll discuss everything from St. Louis Independent Comedy shows, to what happened on Black Lightning last night.  Joining me will be various local comics, artists, chefs, and, quite possibly, some lady I met at the bus stop that morning.  These should be fun discussions.

As the show evolves, we’ll add sketches, improv, and god knows what else.  It’ll hopefully offer something different from the news, sports, and politics that dominate all of the other shows available.  You can stream it live via the station’s app, or you’ll be able to download it along with We Are Live’s other programming later that day.

Listening info at the site’s page.