Caught In The Middle

January 1, 0045 Anno Cyri

Here I stand here in the middle of my life. The middle of the country. The middle of the show’s line up. In the middle of the downfall of society. And, in the middle of the D&D alignment chart. Obviously it’s a good time to start a new blog. They say it takes twenty years for something to go out of and then come back into style. It’s been twenty years since anyone really blogged, right? Maybe this is the thing I’m out in front of!

That was a lot of “middle” puns.

Okay, I know people are still blogging. But it’s definitely been twenty years since anyone regularly followed a blog. In the war for our increasingly diminishing attention spans, who has time to sit and read 500 – 2000 words from anyone who’s not paying us to read them. Most reading is done on the toilet or in traffic within the time it takes for our thumbs to slide a quarter inch in one of the four cardinal directions, never bothering to click “Read More” on anything that doesn’t fit in the box our apps designate as the appropriate size to grab someone’s interest.

Why Say In Five Words Something You Can Say In Twenty

As I work material on stage, rant in my podcast “Impolite Company,” or make dumb videos for TikTok, I find myself struggling to fit into this new “Get ’em in the first 15 seconds” world. I’m a long form guy. Whether I’m talking on the phone, writing a new bit, or trying to sound like I understand anything about French existentialism. Getting me to be succinct is a hell of a challenge.

But here I am learning (But I’m Slow On The Uptake)

This is where I’ll dump some things from my brain. If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know that I can’t guarantee how regularly I’ll update. And, you know those updates will come in spurts. But, hopefully I’m erring on the side of quality over quantity.

Chris Cyr is a writer and nationally touring stand-up comedian from St. Louis, Missouri. His album, “Adult Child of Children” will be released on Helium Records in September 2022.