Chris Cyr is a nationally touring stand-up comedian. He’s a regular feature and headliner at clubs, theaters, and independent shows around the country.

Chris was raised in South St. Louis, Missouri. The child of teenage parents from the wrong side of the tracks, he grew up in the St. Louis Public School System, appearing on the system’s promotional materials his senior year of high school.

He was the first of his family to attend college. He was then the first of his family to drop out of college. He was then the first of his family to go back to college. He was then the first of his family to graduate college. He was then the first of his family to go to graduate school. He was then the first of his family to drop out of graduate school. That’s where the firsts end.

While trying to convince himself that he really wanted a future in corporate accounting, Chris enjoyed a number of creative outlets, including playwrighting. He has had a number of plays performed in the St. Louis area, and two of his plays have been performed internationally in Australia and Singapore.

During that time, he also served as one of the founding members of Zombie Squad, a national organization dedicated to surviving a zombie (and any other) apocalypse. Over the course of the organization’s existence, Chris organized a team that presented an annual “seminar” on zombie awareness and disaster preparedness to thousands of individuals at science fiction/horror conventions, pop culture events, corporate functions, and, once, a very confused auditorium full of over a thousand nursing home workers at a trade show in Springfield, Missouri.

Chris began his stand-up career late in life at age 36 and has worked hard to reach the same level as peers who’ve been performing since they were teenagers. Tired of trying to reconcile his days in a cubicle with his nights behind a microphone, he left the world of accounting on a very hungover day in 2016 and hasn’t regretted it at all (to be fair, his former employers probably don’t regret that either).

By combining his natural storytelling ability with his love of the absurd, he leads audiences on a journey that immerses them in his world, and always ends with laughter. He draws upon his path from being a poor kid in a middle class world to being an adult deciding financial stability wasn’t worth the personal contentment he had to give up to obtain it. Through it all, his material reflects his philosophy of saying yes to as many experiences life can offer as you travel from the cradle to the grave. He’s a firm believer that a successful life is one that’s full of stories, and you don’t get good stories by playing it safe.

Chris is a multi-year finalist in Helium Comedy’s “Funniest Person in St. Louis” competition, and has competed in the World Series of Comedy’s main event. He has been a contestant on NPR’s “Ask Me Another” (he lost) and was an expert commentator in a History Channel documentary (about zombies).  He has opened for Dick Gregory, Christopher Titus, Leanne Morgan, Kyle Kinane, Mark Normand, Preacher Lawson, and other national acts in venues ranging from small comedy clubs to 2,000 seat theaters.

He’s read Infinite Jest. He did not enjoy it.

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