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Taking Comedy Cyriously

Tonight! Writer’s Bloc at Helium

When I first started writing material for the stage, I always found workshops with people just a bit further along than me to be helpful. My desire to always concentrate on the step just above where I’m at, rather than… Continue Reading →

Working It All Out – 10/16 – 10/21

As I said before, I’m not booking a ton of shows in the next two weeks.  I’m working on a lot of new material that will hopefully make my current hour stronger, give me a completely new feature set to mix… Continue Reading →

Thanks, Helium! “Home Grown Comedy”

Helium is doing a month of featuring local comics who work in their club.  They’ve listed me as a “Full Blown Star,” which is nice, but not true.  I’m still learning this game from the ground up. We have an… Continue Reading →

Comedies this week! 10/12 & 10/15/17

Two exciting shows this week.  Hope to see you at one of them. First up, Thursday night, my good friend Eric Brown is recording an album to sell when he’s on one of his many road trips.  I’m going to… Continue Reading →

Fat Dudes Need Clothes Too (Cyr in the News)

Preface: I don’t care about your weight. You do you. If you want to eat potatoes, eat potatoes. If you want to eat cauliflower, eat cauliflower. Go to the gym or play video games. Neither has any greater moral value… Continue Reading →

9/29/17 – American Legion Post 252, Breese, IL

Tonight at 8 in Breese, IL, JC Sibala and I bring St. Louis Comedy to the home of Ski soda. Details!

9/28/17 – Fancy Things with Zack Stovall

From the description: It’s FANCY THINGS: LIVE! Despite the numerous and angry and violent bashing of the sartorial choices of the staff, guests, and passersby, we’re BACK The Improv Shop on Thursday, Sept 28! This month features two of St. Louis’ fanciest… Continue Reading →

9/24/17 – Best of the City at Helium Comedy

We have a great line up on this month’s “Best of the City” showcase at Helium.  Hosted by Yale Hollander, we have Brandon Judd, Chad Wallace, Kenny Kinds, Sarah Pearl, and me! Details here.

9/21/17 – With Jeremy Essig at Helium

I’m hosting tonight for Nathan Orton and Jeremy Essig at Helium.  It’s just a one off, so don’t try coming to see it tomorrow.   Details here.

9/17/17 – Comedy Roulette at Helium

Tonight, a new monthly show starts up at Helium. Comedy Roulette forces stand up comedians to riff on the spot based on audience suggestions.  The audience votes for who does the best job, leaving the winner with no prize other… Continue Reading →

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