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Impolite Company: Episode Twelve – 2/16/2018 – Shannon Yarbrough

Today’s guest is Shannon Yarbrough.  Shannon’s a regular at the Funny Bone and Hey Guys! Comedy. Most importantly though, he’s the author of Dickenstein, a mash up of the life of Emily Dickenson and the story of Frankenstein. We’re not sure… Continue Reading →

Impolite Company: Episode Eleven – 2/15/2018 – Angela Smith

Angela Smith, host of All The Feels, a monthly storytelling show at The Improv Shop, was my guest today.  Things got a little judgey. Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.  And show some love to our sponsors,  The Crack Fox, The Crow’s Nest, and Tick… Continue Reading →

Impolite Company: Episode Ten – 2/14/2018 – Will O’Donnell

Will O’Donnell is a regular host at The Funny Bone here in St. Louis.  With two years on the St. Louis Comedy scene, we talk about family, the crazy things you do just to get stage time at the beginning… Continue Reading →

Impolite Company: Episode Nine – 2/13/2018 – Mardi Gras!

It’s Tuesday, or as we call it in St. Louis, Mardi Gras Light.  The bons temps are roulerring all over the damn place.  We hope you slept in this morning, so you can rock out all night.  I take the… Continue Reading →

Impolite Company: Episode Eight – 2/12/2018 – It’s Monday…

It’s Monday morning and cold outside of the South St. Louis studio where we record.  I recap my weekend, discuss curtains, and tell you my favorite fast food hamburger. Make us a part of your daily ritual! Follow the show… Continue Reading →

Best of St. Louis Showcase (Paints & Punchlines) – Helium 2/11/2018

Performing at Helium tonight on the Best of St. Louis showcase at Helium Comedy.  It’s a good line up of local comics and will be a great way to spend your early Valentine’s day. Event details here.

Impolite Company: Episode Seven – 2/9/2018 – Chris Cyr

I find myself alone with Chris Cyr for an hour.  What man or woman among us can survive an hour alone with his or her own thoughts when coupled with the requirement to speak out loud to a faceless unseen audience?  See… Continue Reading →

Hosting for Joe Machi at St. Louis Funny Bone 2/8 – 2/10/18

I’m hosting for Last Comic Standing finalist, Joe Machi tonight through Saturday.  Six shows total and Nathan Orton features. Showtimes and tickets at the link.

Impolite Company: Episode Six – 2/8/2018 – Reena Calm

When Reena Calm comes to town, it’s an event.  Literally, it’s an event. That’s why she came to town. For an event. Usually a show.  She’s not coming here to order mozzarella sticks at a White Castle. They have White… Continue Reading →

Impolite Company: Episode Five – 2/7/2018 – Meredith Hopping

One of our goals is to introduce you to brand new comics, people just starting their journey towards what they’re hoping is a new career.  Meredith Hopping is in her first year of performing and she’s dedicated her time so… Continue Reading →

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