Chris Cyr is a stand up comic based out of St. Louis, Missouri. He’s a regular at clubs through the mid-west, and a fixture on independent shows from St. Louis to Chicago.

With a delivery that shows his love of story-telling, Chris’s material focuses on his ability to make the most absurd ideas that pop in his head relatable to a diverse audience. He draws upon his evolution from a child of teenage parents growing up poor in South St. Louis, to becoming an adult forced to unhappily trade personal contentment for the financial security corporate life offers He’s a firm believer that a successful life is a one that’s full of stories, and you don’t get good stories by letting others tell you how to live.

Chris is a multi-year finalist in both Helium Comedy St. Louis’s and Funny Bone St. Louis’s annual comedy competitions and has competed in the World Series of Comedy’s main event. He has been a contestant on NPR’s “Ask Me Another” (he lost) and was an expert commentator in a History Channel documentary (about zombies).  

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