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  • The Best is Over

    Alway Open With Death My grandpa Cyr died in his sixties. He chased a bottle into an open grave. They called it congestive heart failure, but that barely describes the number of years he worked to bring about that specific event. In those six decades , he was orphaned, immigrated to America with adoptive parents, fought in a war, married twice, divorced once, fathered children, abandoned children, helped raise children who weren’t his, spent countless hours on both sides of the bar, and woke up in the hospital more than once before that final check in. My grandmother Cyr (nee

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  • Nervous Or Nah

    When people find out you’re a stand-up comic, the most common reaction is, “I can’t do that. I get so nervous in front of people.” I was talking to a friend about getting nervous before shows, and I told her that I don’t get nervous. But after reflecting, I realize that while spiritually accurate, that’s not entirely true. I’ve performed in front of audiences of a thousand in a casino’s theater, and an audience of one in a small ice cream parlor, and I honestly enjoy it every time. The nervousness I feel isn’t a fear that I’m going to

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  • Caught In The Middle

    January 1, 0045 Anno Cyri Here I stand here in the middle of my life. The middle of the country. The middle of the show’s line up. In the middle of the downfall of society. And, in the middle of the D&D alignment chart. Obviously it’s a good time to start a new blog. They say it takes twenty years for something to go out of and then come back into style. It’s been twenty years since anyone really blogged, right? Maybe this is the thing I’m out in front of! That was a lot of “middle” puns. Okay, I

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